“Can I wash my down comforter or what can I use to clean it?” -Dan Delgado. Dan- The simple answer is yes you can but... Check out our answer to this on our; (FAQ page)
“How does a product get to be called down? ”-Sherry(Read More)

Choosing the Perfect Down Bedding

Decisions Decisions. What is up (or down) with all of this...

With so many choices of luxurious down bedding, picking just the right one can be challenging. Hopefully, keeping these few tips in mind will make finding your perfect bedding quicker and easier.

Fill power is the term used to refer to how warm the product will keep you. The higher the fill power the warmer you'll stay. Products with a higher fill power will also be loftier (fluffier). The fill power on a light weight comforter is typically around 600, while a heavy weight winter comforter can have a fill power of 800 or more. If you tend to get very cold at night, choose a comforter with a high fill power, but if you tend to be naturally warm, a lower fill power will probably keep you “just right” all night long.

Choosing a down product that is made with a 230 thread cambric weave cotton fabric is ideal because the fabric is soft to the touch, durable, easy to clean and won't allow any down fill to poke through or escape.

If you plan to use your down bedding every night, choose products with baffle box or sewn through construction. These two methods create little compartments that keep down evenly distributed, even through washing!

Last but not least, remember that down products should not be dry cleaned! The best way to care for your down bedding is simply machine wash it, (king size products require an extra large washing machine) using a teaspoon of Dawn liquid dish soap. Bedding should then be tossed in the dryer on low heat to dry thoroughly, shaking between cycles to ensure even drying. Hanging your down bedding outside in the breeze is a great way to freshen it between washings. To keep your bedding cleaner longer use bedding protectors, like duvets, pillow cases and mattress protectors.

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