“Can I wash my down comforter or what can I use to clean it?” -Dan Delgado. Dan- The simple answer is yes you can but... Check out our answer to this on our; (FAQ page)
“How does a product get to be called down? ”-Sherry(Read More)

If Down Gets You Down, Try the Next Best Thing PrimaLoft®:

  • Dander and dust mites usually cause allergies most people associate with Down Bedding.
  • The 230 cambric weave cotton cover for the best down items will block these allergens.
  • The fabric is the same material that must keep the down and feathers in place so you know it's strong.
  • If all this info doesn't convince you or you KNOW you are allergic to feathers or down than read more about PrimaLoft. This is THE down alternative you must have. Developed for NASA it has many great properties of down. READ ON.

If you love the look of down and revel in its soft, cozy warmth but have a very sensitive respiratory system PrimaLoft® down alternative fill is the perfect solution.

PrimaLoft® was created for the US Army as a synthetic alternative to goose down to be used in sleeping bags and parkas. Albany International Corp. sells PrimaLoft® to NASA, that encapsulates the space shuttle. PrimaLoft® is an extremely durable, machine washable, hypoallergenic synthetic fiber that has all the wonderful warmth and softness of natural down.

PrimaLoft® fibers are anti microbial and repel moisture, helping to keep your body dry, your bedding clean and ensure that tiny little germs won't bother you while you sleep.

Unlike other synthetically filled bedding, PrimaLoft® bedding products don't get lumpy or go flat when you wash it. In fact, the more you wash your PrimaLoft® bedding the softer and puffier it will be. All PrimaLoft® products can be machine washed using a mild detergent and tossed into the dryer. Placing a couple of new tennis balls in the dryer with your bedding will also help increase loft and shorten drying time. Be careful not to dry your bedding on too high a heat though, as the fabric may scorch.

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